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Greetings Parents,

A student's health status is directly related to his or her ability to learn. I would like to share some important information to support our students' success by providing health care through assessment, intervention, and follow up for our children in the school setting. There are many students with medical conditions that may need medication at school. Therefore, we must have the proper documentation.

All prescription medications, as well as over the counter medications, need a Medical Authorization Form to be completed by a physician along with the parent's signature. Pain medication is a frequent request from our students, especially from our young ladies. Having a Medical Authorization Form on file would allow for medication to be given. This would really help students to continue through the school day without having to leave school early.

Please have the student's physician complete the Medical Authorization Form for the pain medication to be given at school. Then send the medication along with the form to be kept in the clinic. Students are not allowed to carry around over the counter medication at school.

Epi pens and Inhalers are 2 types of medications that are allowed to be carried by a student. However, the Medical Authorization Form still needs to be completed by a physician and kept in the clinic for verification.

Please contact the clinic at 678-875-3607 with any questions. Please click for the attached Medical Authorization Form. Use only one form for each medication. Multiple medications cannot be placed on one form.

Thank you,

 Ms. L. Nichols

School Nurse, Arabia Mountain High School

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