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School Board Representative
Turner had the privilege of being involved in the educational opportunities at the Cathedral since 1992 as an Instructor; Director of the Early Learning Center and for the last 4 years she was Headmaster. At TAPAA, Turner is also the Headmaster responsible for the financial affairs of the school which entail setting budgets, overseeing purchases and monitoring spending trends. She is responsible for implementing measures to ensure fiscal accountability and financial integrity.
Turner supervises a full and part-time staff, con-ducts weekly staff meetings to apprise staff of current trends in education, to discuss student performance, and to create ways to increase parent involvement. She is responsible for reviewing school infrastructure, accounting practices, hiring procedures, teacher qualifications and methodologies, and strategies of implementation. Turner regularly reviews and monitors lesson plans employing strategies to accomplish successful student performance. She is responsible for ongoing communication with parents that are facilitated through PTA meetings and Parent/Teacher Conferences. Turner is charged with recruitment and maintaining a viable and sustainable enrollment. She firmly believes in establishing goals for students to aspire them to perform at their maximum potential.
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