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  • Provides paid or unpaid work experience
  • Promotes a partnership between education and industry
  • Integrates academic and technical instruction

The DEADLINE to Sign Up for the WBL Program will be Wednesday, August, 19th. Please complete this form. 

The Goal of the Work-Based Learning program is to provide students with the opportunity to receive both academic and career experiences.  WBL helps students to be successful in employment while preparing them for their future careers and post-secondary education by enhancing their knowledge, skills and abilities.  The combination of school to work gives students the experience of using work to foster their own learning while building professionalism.  

WBL makes the “real world” connection between school and work!

Work-Based Learning is learning that results from work experience designed to increase the knowledge and skills of the learner. The work experience is supplemented with instruction and activities that apply, reinforce, refine, or extend the learning that occurs during work, so that learners develop attitudes, knowledge, skills, and habits that might not develop solely from work experiences. Students continue to take coursework related to his/her career interest which is their career pathway while receiving on-the-job training in a structured workplace.  

Students participating in WBL will be classified as either ESD-Employability Skill Development, CO-OP-Cooperative Education, Internship and YAP-Youth Apprenticeship.

WBL enrollment takes place during a student’s senior year, BUT pre-qualification & scheduling starts during the junior year.

  • At least 16 years old 
  • A senior AND on track to graduate
  • NO disciplinary referrals including ISS and/or OSS during their 11th-grade year
  • Ten or few tardies and/or unexcused absences
  • Currently is completing or have completed a Career Pathway
  • Has reliable daily transportation
For more information, contact the WBL Coordinator Ms. La’Sonya Smith.


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